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It's nice to know

Isn’t it nice to find out that you’re out of the loop?

If it hadn’t been for someone else reading a post about a mail that had been sent I would have been sat outside an empty building tonight freezing me knackers off.

Then to find out that a group has been going for a year that I have no knowledge of from which said email was sent not the local group of which I am a member.

Sometimes I just sit here and shake my head in disbelief.

I have seen this kind of thing happen before to other people and now it’s happened to me. Pissed off you bet. Paranoid quite probably. Disheartened VERY. Well tomorrow is another day and frankly I don’t give a damm (note to self must stop watching old films)

Going to bed now with a major grump on….

for cerebralpig

Boffins breed fluorescent pig

Taiwanese boffins have successfully bred three fluorescent pigs who, they claim, far outshine previous efforts at producing glow-in-the-dark porkers, which resulted in a disappointing partial fluorescence.

We kid you not. The BBC is reporting that National Taiwan University's Department of Animal Science and Technology has pulled off a fluorescent pig coup in breeding the green-to-the-core "transgenic" pigs using jellyfish DNA. The DNA was injected into about 260 embryos which were then implanted into eight sows. Four became pregnant, leading to the birth of three male piglets three months ago.

The scientists apparently insist "the three pigs they have produced are better" than those concocted by rival fluorescent pig breeders. In fact, they are green through-and-through since their internal organs are green and their skin has a green tinge in daylight.

There is, mercifully, some method to the madness. The boffins reckon the pigs' genetic material can be used to study human disease because it's "easy to spot". For example, if some of the pigs' stem cells are "injected into another animal, scientists can track how the stem cells develop without the need for a biopsy or invasive test".

Naturally, scientists need more fluorescent pigs before such tests can begin, and the team hopes the three little pigs will mate and produce glow-in-the-dark offspring. And, of course, they will have a nice fundraising sideline in knocking out fluorescent bangers for the kids' novelty food market.

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22nd Dec, 2005

Claire Grogan eat your heart out

Happy Birfday Nads xxxxx

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